1. greater life hath not been given. #BEENgivingpelvicthrustsdownthesoultrainline


  2. RHONDA. forever. serving. LOOQUES.


  3. and another thing. photos by jwny.


  4. a thing we did last week.



  6. popular in your country. #fixitjesus #BEENdiedonthecross #hollywoodjesus #blessed πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ™πŸ™Œβž•πŸšΉβ¬†οΈ (at ☁️☁️☁️)


  7. DIMEPIECE x 1992 @ THE WELL. 8.8.14

    photos by @ jwny.


  8. a collab between Glob Records and ASSS-OUT. Get into it. Spread.

    LISTEN HERE: https://soundcloud.com/mdeanbridges/glob-nostsalg-i


  9. Levi’s Commuter Workspace Launch Party. 8.5.14

    Photos by the1point8.

    Sounds by Nosaj Thing + Twin Shadow.

    Looques of Purity by aki + erin.


  10. @boychild
    our near and dearest new friend @porcupal.

    these things happened one weekend. we kept it v META.



    It’s the first of the month.


  12. 3RD ANNUAL GHETTO-FABULOUS POOL PAR-TAY WITH SEXY PEOPLE & THINGS. 05.31.14 Photos by the MAGICAL Jessica Nicole Collins.


  13. THE THEATRE AT THE ACE HOTEL. 05.30.14 Jellyfish Eyes. The debut film by Takashi Murakami. JAPANESE SCI-FI-FANTASY MAGIC IS WHAT IT IS. SEE IT.


  14. we go deep.


  15. ROLLER $K8 DERBY QUEENZ. 5.5.14

    Photos by: erin g. wesley